Robo Protection for Android Game Evaluation

Currently, Robo Defense is the ideal complimentary game in the Tower Defense genre primarily because they are able to money development with the number of individuals who acquire the full video game. This game is one of the leading downloaded games on the complimentary Android game market and also is regularly ranking within the leading 10 Android games on many video game review web sites.

The general idea of this game is that an army is involving assault your base and also you can not let them obtain right to the entryway of your base. Hence, you must protect the battlefield outside your base with towers. The towers can be utilized to obstruct enemies along with shoot machine guns, rockets, slowing down weapons, anti-air, and fire throwers. The quantity of redmoonpie website towers does not seem as well outstanding when you initially load up the game, however simply remember that every tower can be upgraded at the very least once as well as some can be updated significantly moreover.

For each army system that is pertaining to strike you that you kill, you get cash. With the cash you could acquire different towers or upgrade your existing that makes this video game virtually like "leveling up" as you acquire new units.

This video game is unbelievably addictive and also really enjoyable. It is very advised that you play the cost-free variation prior to buying the complete video game since the tower defense category is extremely much a niche genre within the gaming world as is most definitely not for every person.

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